Namuka Koromakawa War Fort Village & Navibuka Caves

Namuka - Koromakawa War Fort Village

This is a Heritage listed site and we are the only tour company in Fiji that can take you there. Walk through the site and hear the stories that haven’t been told to “outsiders” until now. Stories of the tribal warring days.

A local guide (a direct descendant) will share the stories of how their ancestors built, lived and fought back in the 1700’s. See the remains of the Sacrificial Stone, the Priests Temple and enemy look out posts. You can also see the caves that the women and children sheltered in to protect them during “attacks”.

This is an untold chapter of Fijian history that has evolved through time. The spirits of ancestors still stay today and you may feel their presence if you are blessed enough!! (but don’t fear they will not harm us). You’ve seen the “neck breakers, skull piercers etc) in the shops, now come on the journey to learn of their real history.


Navibuku Caves

These unspoilt limestone caves also date back to the 1700’s. The caves have a series of almost hidden passages. One of these passages leads under the ocean to Vatulele Island which is located 320klm off Viti Levu. Only the chosen descendants know which passage will lead you to the Island.

You will be blessed to meet the only remaining descendant who has been given the knowledge and shown the way through all the caves passages. Hear the story of how the chief “captured’ a bride and took her on a 10 day journey through the caves and back to his village. Also hear of the sacred inner caves that will never by entered by “outsiders”.

The caves were also used as shelter by the inhabitants of the Namuka - Koromakawa War Fort Village during hurricanes and cyclones. The caves are easily accessible for most age groups.